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Display page description and (certain) categories in diff page
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Many edits require a small amount of context about the article to determine if I should revert them. Some (enwiki-focused) examples:

  • An edit adding "Then she got killed by a dragon, but escaped the underworld and came back to kill the dragon" is almost certainly vandalism, unless it's in an article about a work of fiction (specifically, the plot summary), in which case it's quite likely constructive.
  • An edit adding uncited information to a BLP needs to be promptly reverted, whereas if the subject is no longer living and the information isn't too contentions I might let it stay (and even if I did revert it, I would use a different edit summary/warning)
  • An edit changing between British and American spelling may be a necessary fix or a violation of policy depending on the language in use in the article.

All of those issues, and some similar ones, could be resolved with (I think) a fairly small bit of work: add, somewhere in the diff view, the article's short description and a subset of its categories—initially "Category:Living people" and "Category:Use * English *", though I'm there are others that would be useful.