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Adding back a Chinese language "without" variant option
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The recent app update added the variant option for the Chinese language. As the viewer and editor of Wikipedia project it would not ideal to have it without the "no conversion" option.

Please add back the "zh" alongside the other "zh-xx" or "zh-xxxx" option to provide a view without any conversions.

Other languages maybe need to added back as well such as "sr", "gan", etc.

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Hi @shinjiman thank you so much for writing up this ticket! I was hoping that you might be able to help the team better understand your request.

In particular by "no conversion" are any of the following options what you had in mind:

A. No conversion means that each article is potentially displayed in mixed character sets based on the variant the text was originally written in (eg. if the 'Introduction' was written in Simplified Chinese it is shown in Simplified Chinese AND if the 'Early life' section was written by an editor in Hong Kong Traditional, you would see this reflected in the article).

B. No conversion means that articles are displayed in written vernacular Chinese (Baihua)

C. No conversion means that articles appear by default in a specific Chinese variant (eg. Simplified Chinese)

D. None of the above

And for your note about sr + gan, both of these languages are still available in the app, were you referring to the 'no conversion' option?

Thank you so much for your help and feedback.