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Convert MediaViewer tracking tasks to Phab workboard columns; use board columns for categories only instead of progress tracking
Open, Needs TriagePublic

Description lists Structured Data team as stewards of MediaViewer. lists MediaViewer as "not actively involved". says "Non-security patches not reviewed".

The workboard mixes both progress ("Needs Analysis", "Triaged but Future", "Next", "In Process") and category ("License/permission/attribution", "Tracking/metrics", "Formats/interoperability") columns which is an anti-pattern (as tasks can only be in one column).
Probably all items in "progress" columns should be moved to the "Backlog" column and/or a corresponding "category" column, as progress seems to be tracked on a team level on instead.

There are also two (T78211, T78224) separate "tracking tasks" ("URL and history issues", "image/screen sizing problems") which should be converted to workboard columns.