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Document what #discovery-system is
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I stumpled upon discovery-system and cannot make out what it is.
Maybe ?
Maybe related to or ?

Could someone please add more info / a link to on-wiki docs to ? That would allow triaging. :P (And maybe avoid misfiled tickets like T127003.) TIA.

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Pretty sure it's T95662 and service discovery as in but @Joe will be able to confirm.

edit: well, after seeing the ticket, this is from a time before k8s so maybe it's outdated

Marostegui triaged this task as Medium priority.May 25 2021, 5:02 AM

@Joe: Do you know, by any chance? (Or have some link handy?)

@Aklapper yes it used to be used for the system we built that is the base for both the DNS discovery system and dynamic configuration for things like pybal or mediawiki.

I think this component can now be retired, probably. I'll take a look at the still open tasks and if any is still relevant I'll retag it accordingly.

@Aklapper all done. I think we can retire the tag.