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Support ARCH=arm64 packages
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Apple's new silicon is arm64 and virtualization support is very limited:

  • Virtualbox has indicated they're not interested in supporting arm64
  • VMWare is working on an Apple silicon compatible product, but has already given up on x86 support
  • Parallels has a product (at $100 per year) that supports virtual machines on Apple silicon, but it's also limited to arm64 software

Running MediaWiki-Vagrant on the new Apple hardware thus requires an arm64 guest operating system.

That in itself is not a massive problem, as it is perfectly possible to build an equivalent arm64 debian stretch box like the ones we're using on x86 architecture.

However Wikimedia's apt server only supports & serves amd64 & x86 packages.
While it's possible to run an arm64 box, we can't currently install the required software via apt.
It would be nice if we started to support arm64 packages - especially the most common ones (like php (fully supports arm64) & elastic (the version we currently use works on both architectures, 7.x has separate builds for both architectures))

TL;DR: MW-Vagrant works just fine with Parallels on Mac M1 (confirmed with these workarounds), but our apt repository needs to serve (the relevant) packages in arm64 as well.

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It seems there's no great appetite to support arm64 in apt on Wikimedia's side per T274140#6832335. Which is understandable, they don't really need the additional infrastructure expense.

I suggested a provider that might be useful to try things out with in T272500#7241084, along with some caveats related to ElasticSearch (basically, we need a newer version, or OpenSearch).