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Include SyntaxHighlight in the Fall 2021 Wikibase Docker release
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A number of users have indicated that they use SyntaxHighlight in combination with the Wikibase Docker images, including Botanical Garden/Botanical Museum of Berlin. We were unable to include this component in our Spring release, but should revisit including it in the Fall 2021 images.

Note: As of the writing of this ticket, the plan is for the Fall 2021 Docker images to be based on MW 1.36.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Prepare (but do not release) the release pipeline to include SyntaxHighlight in the fall 2021 release
  • Leave the pipeline in a situation that a future 1.35 release would be possible.
  • Add a test, making use of the release pipeline testing infrastructure (make sure it is loaded and if possible that it works)

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