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Schema change for making cuc_id in cu_changes unsigned
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Context: T283069: cu_changes auto_increment will hit its max value in wikidatawiki soon

  1. ALTERs to run: ALTER TABLE /*_*/cu_changes CHANGE cuc_id cuc_id INTEGER UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT; (from
  2. Where to run those changes: all.dblist
  3. When to run those changes: At any time - It requires master or dc switchover. Writes on it is rather high. Also Wikidata/enwiki will run out of it in a year or two.
  4. If the schema change is backwards compatible: Yes
  5. If the schema change has been tested already on some of the test/beta wikis: Tested in beta cluster.
  6. if the data should be made available on the labs replicas and/or dumps: This table is fully private and under no circumstances it would be okay to replicate it to the cloud.


  • s1
    • eqiad
    • codfw
  • s2
    • eqiad
    • codfw
  • s3
    • eqiad
    • codfw
  • s4
    • eqiad
    • codfw
  • s7
    • eqiad
    • codfw
  • s8
    • eqiad
    • codfw
  • labswiki
  • labtestwiki

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I am going to try to get this done in codfw entirely before the switch. First I will run it on eqiad s6 hosts to make sure it is all good.

s6 eqiad

  • dbstore1005
  • db1180
  • db1173
  • db1168
  • db1165
  • db1155
  • db1140
  • db1131
  • db1113
  • db1098
  • db1096
  • clouddb1021
  • clouddb1019
  • clouddb1015

I haven't seen anything weird, so I am going to finish up s6 eqiad (not the master, as it requires a switch) and then deploy this change on all codfw sections.

s5 eqiad

  • dbstore1003
  • db1161
  • db1150
  • db1145
  • db1144
  • db1130
  • db1113
  • db1110
  • db1100
  • db1096

This is all done in codfw, waiting only for the DC switch.
s5 and s6 are also mostly done (only pending the masters in eqiad)

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All done