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Mailman3 pending moderator request inaccessible after list migration (wikimedia-us-chi)
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This is a probably a niche issue that I could not find a solution to elsewhere on phab or listadmins@:

I own the list wikimedia-us-chi, and it was migrated to Mailman3 on 7 May. However, there was one pending moderator request (spam, by the looks of it) from 5 May that I had not yet dealt with. I tried to deal with it after the migration, but every time I go to "held messages", that page is empty. However, I still receive daily emails notifying me that I have 1 moderator request waiting. I gave it some days, hoping it would resolve itself, but it has not.

I wonder if the spam email was somehow sinkholed during the migration, so that it no longer shows up in the "held messages" queue. I'd appreciate any insight into this minor issue.

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