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Write memo about the costs of hosting the gadget
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Write a short memo about the costs involved of hosting the gadget on WMSE's servers.

The memo should include information about things like the cost per visitor/use (so that we can approximate the cost per year), any annualized fixed costs, and expected maintenance costs to keep the server up and running etc.

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Ground truths:

620 words per article.

15 words per sentence.

41 sentences per article.

0,08552509 milliseconds of voice per byte

4404 bytes per word

376,652494495 milliseconds per word

233 seconds of voice per article

1.5:1 ratio synthesized voice:time spent synthesizing

155 seconds spent synthesizing mean article

1 CPU and 1GB RAM renders 15 000 articles per month at 100% load.

1 article consume 4400 bytes * 620 words = 3MB utterance files.

15 000 articles = 50 GB utterance files.

@kalle, can you link the resulting document? Then this can be closed.