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Russian "country not supported" message for donate wiki
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Hey @Pcoombe, and cc'ing @CDenes_WMF and @krobinson for visibility, as this will eventually be potential-donor facing.

Background context from an email Peter sent in January:

Sam mentioned there was some interest in adding country-specific messages on donatewiki for countries where we don't fundraise e.g. Russia. We do actually have a custom message already in place for Finland and it's very easy to add more for other countries. Just needs a new page on donatewiki with the content and editing a single line of code. Let me know if we do get any copy approved to put up.

@Ppena just shared me on a Russia donate wiki message draft. This is not yet ready for deployment; it needs community approval + translation.

Both of those should be secured in the next few weeks.

Peter or Camille, could you please flag any issues you see in that draft copy?

Peter, any special instructions that will help get this ready for deployment? TY!

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Thanks for the tag Sam. No issues to raise-- The message draft looks great.

Thank you!

Looks good to me, I just struck out one sentence that appears to be duplicated. Thanks!

Thanks @Pcoombe , its ready for coding! Let me know once it's done?

Awww I forgot we needed translation! @CDenes_WMF could you help with that?

Andrey already did a translation of an almost identical macro for our use - if it speeds it up, we could proof that one @CDenes_WMF. @TomaszGorski has the copy.

Hi @krobinson ! If it's almost identical, then that sounds like a great solution :) Happy to have DayTranslations do a quick proof

Hello everyone, this is the Macro Kristie mentioned, in English and Russian version (translated by Andrey), the file is shared with all subscribers to this PhabTask.

I could spot only one difference between the versions: the Macro ends with "Sincerely" instead of "The Wikimedia Foundation" but that can be sorted out during the proofreading I would think.

Let me know if this can be used and can go through proofreading phase.

Thank you Tomasz, that looks good to me and ready for the review by DT

Thank you! Will contact DT today, and notify here as soon as finalized.

Hello everyone, the Russian version of the message is translated and proofread.

That was ... extremely fast! Thanks @CDenes_WMF and @TomaszGorski !!

@Pcoombe COuld we get an ETA for posting this officially in both languages?


@Ppena Here's a demo of the page. I used the same approach as Finland having both languages on the same page, which is easier and probably more reliable for users. Let me know if this looks good, and I can flip the switch to make it live for Russia.

looks good- thanks for flipping the switch (and for all the work, Peter, Tomasz, Camille, and everyone! ;)

Pcoombe claimed this task.

Okay, this is live for users in Russia now. Thanks everyone!