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Read existing WMF backup workflow documentation already in place relevant to the project
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A list of pointers:

Not all of these are super-relevant, but will help reading them to gather questions before tomorrow's demo.

Some pointers about design (not a priority for this project- functionality is more important!):

As everything we do and use is open source, it is ok to steal borrow and get inspired from other projects :-)

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Thank you @jcrespo
I have had a quick read of the database backups presentation
I think for our project, am I right in thinking that this is the database where the backup metadata is stored? (picture below)
For our demo we could discuss a bit about this data (how it's stored, where it's stored, schema, etc)

image.png (797×721 px, 231 KB)

am I right in thinking that this is the database where the backup metadata is stored? (picture below)

That's correct. The latest version will always live on:

I will provide either a copy or a sanitized copy of the current db contents (I need to double check with security) for you to work with.

It is ok to require changes on wmfbackups repo ( and its schema, but initially we would work with that + any new table needed. We should probably work on a dashboard with its own separate repository, that we should probably request soon.

Do you have any, even if temporary, suggestion for the name of the project to request a new code repo?

Thanks @jcrespo. Sounds good
Ah interesting, good thing I thought of a name yesterday. Let's call it Bernard for now (temporary name -- named after the Switzerland rescue dog)
I'm also open to suggestions as well :if the name is slightly confusing or if doesn't follow any existing codebase/wikimedia guidelines :D

Screenshot from 2021-05-27 15-06-46.png (756×2 px, 193 KB)

Screenshot from 2021-05-27 15-07-52.png (1×2 px, 276 KB)

This is the current (limited) dashboard on icinga: it is mostly green- there are recent backups fore everyone. But m5 grew a lot last week, so it is in a warning state.