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Wikistats should allow more than one project
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As it stands wikistats works under the assumption that only one wiki project will be shown at a given time. If we want to enable wiki comparison we need to make changes at several parts of the code to allow multiwiki. This involves:

  • Changing the URL routing to allow an array of projects vs only one project, while ensuring that there's backward compatibility in the site URLs
  • Refactoring the AQS client code to explode dimensional requests at the project level, versus at the sub-dimension level
  • Adding the logic when switching between dashboard and detail pages when more than one wiki is active
  • Adding UI elements to select more than one project

For now the plan is to limit the number of simultaneous wikis to two, and to visualize these only through showing graphs side by site. But the idea is to evolve this into a richer set of data exploration tools and the big table project.