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Indicate whether a ping comes from a conversation you are subscribed to
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This task is about introducing a way for people to know whether the ping they are receiving in Echo comes from a conversation to which they are already subscribed.

This ticket was prompted by the feedback @Sunpriat shared in this conversation:

User story

As someone who is pinged often enough to not able to respond to all of them in a timely manner, I would like to easily see whether a ping I am receiving comes from a conversation I am subscribed to so that I can prioritize consuming, and potentially, responding to that ping more highly than pings from conversations I have not explicitly expressed an interest in.

Potential approaches

  • Approach #1: augment existing Echo notifications
    • Add some visual and/or textual indication to existing ping notifications so that people can differentiate between pings from conversations they have subscribed to and conversations they have NOT subscribed to.
  • Approach #2: TBD
    • .