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Meta-Wiki should have a New Vector logo
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Meta-Wiki currently has no "vertical" logo shown in New Vector (screenshot below).

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 1.38.10 PM.png (228×474 px, 35 KB)

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@Jdlrobson (pinging you on the suggestion of @Urbanecm) is this something that can be worked on, or there is a reason why there is currently no logo?

If it can be worked on, do you have any suggestion on the formatting? To my view, there are three possibilities:

  1. Wordmark "Wikimedia"
  2. Wordmark "Meta-Wiki"
  3. Wordmark "Wikimedia" and tagline "Meta-Wiki"

@EpicPupper: A good first task is a self-contained, non-controversial task with a clear approach. It should be well-described with pointers to help a completely new contributor. Given the current short task description I'm removing the good first task tag. Please add details what exactly has to happen where and how for a new contributor, and then add back the good first task project tag. Thanks a lot in advance!