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Revisit core thumbnail styles for a more pleasant default
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The core thumbnail styles without any modification look like this:

This doesn't look every modern, and it is evident that every skin overrides this.

We should look at all skins and simplify the stylesheet to reflect a sensible default state of all of them, rather than rely on skins providing their own CSS overrides.

At minimum we should drop the magnify icon, border, background.

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Was the border in the description meant to be the border on the <img> or the full thumb? As someone pointed out to me today on Discord, the border on the <img> itself could use total removal without re-implementation in skins expecting it today. (Not sure how I feel about such removal for transparent images? Maybe some design thought needed there if removing that border is a path of interest.)

Not really sure I'm sold on removing the background? That seems like a reasonable default to me. At least for light/light-themed skins I guess...

I do think the icon can probably go but I am pretty sure it serves a non-zero function that is probably bad practice anyway: when a thumb is set to |link=| (i.e. the empty string/removal of the <a>), the icon remains available to take the user to the attribution. (That said, we have all the non-thumb cases which do that too when the link is removed and no great howling, though much simmering that I've observed and general questions of 'are we actually in compliance with the image license'?). It also carries a title text "enlarge".