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For each of the options, clarify applicable limits
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This is insipired by thinking about T283413: Make error message "Something went wrong" in Video Cut Tool more specific, which I presume to have to do with some limits on the Trim option.

So if there are limits (e.g. maximal time span/ video size/ number of frames etc.), then these should be made known to the user, be it via an info button or suitable error messages or some such.

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Hi @Daniel_Mietchen Thanks for creating this ticket! Yes it would be nicer to display more information if the video encodings are failed.

I'm wondering if you had tried to use VideoCutTool recently and still the tool is failing for any particular video you are trying to edit? If so can you please link the video link for the better understanding of the issue? Thanks!

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Lets discuss this further
I think its similar to, displaying the current trim applied / angle rotated .etc

hey @Gopavasanth @Soda, can you describe this one for me?
from what i can get, is, say for trimming, we have to show the max duration available for the trim, or like for rotation, we have to show the max angle by which its rotated.

Change 900832 had a related patch set uploaded (by Reputation22; author: Reputation22):

[labs/tools/VideoCutTool@master] [WIP] Add maximum limit for each option