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Bridge #wikipedia-nl across freenode and Libera chat
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In behalve of the Dutch wiki IRC community I would like to request to bridge both our channels, while users transfer to Libera and we change the links to IRC on the wiki.

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Perhaps AWB could be utilized to quickly replace the links?

Perhaps AWB could be utilized to quickly replace the links?

Yeah, I'm aware of that possibility, it's something we're planning to do. However Libera currently does not have an easy webinterface, and some members of our community are -for various reasons- a bit reluctant to switch to Libera. So it would help us a lot if the channels would be bridged using a bot.

As a chanop of the said channel I support adding bridgbot. Having this bot would greatly help migration.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-05-23T21:17:52Z] <wm-bot> <bd808> Add #wikipedia-nl freenode<-> (T283430)

bd808 moved this task from To Do to Done on the Tool-bridgebot board.

This bridge is now shutdown.

Why, we were still using it,

Freenode escalated things by changing their terms of use and began hostile takeovers of #wikimedia-* channels in apparent retaliation against projects leaving for Libera Chat. When I saw that plus potentially slanderous content targeting a Wikimedian on the freenode blog I decided to shutdown the bot on freenode. I feel that I made the correct ethical decision. I'm sorry for any problems this may have caused you or the other users in your channel.