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Special:SuggestedTags adds wrong manual tag when there are serveral items with the same label
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When using Special:Suggested Tags and adding a manual tag there is a bug: When I choose an item that has as label that exists more than once, the item from the top of the list is added, not the one I clicked on.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Special:SuggestedTags
  2. Click on "+ Add tag"
  3. Search for an item with a label that exists more than once, e.g. "Goethestraße"
  4. Click on an item on the list that is not on the top, e.g. the street in Dresden

grafik.png (446×515 px, 51 KB)

  1. Click on "Add"
  2. Click on "Publish"
  3. Click on "Ok".
  4. Check your recent edits. You'll see that the entry from the top of the list (in this case the street in Berlin) has been added instead

grafik.png (59×561 px, 6 KB)

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I guess it goes without saying that this should have high priority because it leads to incorrect data.