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Communication channels used to coordinate efforts on accessibility in the Wikimedia movement, state of the art and beyond
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As part of the Hackathon 2021 and more specifically I came to the point where I wanted to discuss on the topic with other interested people in a dedicated instant messaging service.

As many people are already using Telegram for the Hackthon, at least in a first time, creating a canal there seems the most straight forward thing to do. But there are certainly place for a more thoughtful plan on this regard. We should certainly evaluate the solution we will retain on the long run with accessibility kept in mind.

  • create the Telegram canal :
  • invite people in the Telegram canal
  • add the Wiki bot in Telegram
  • create a dedicated original logo for the canal, and more generally for the working group (see T283447)
  • index current communication means used to discuss accessibility of Wikimedia (including Meta talk pages, mailing list, etc.)
  • evaluate accessibility level of existing chat services
  • determine which chat service is the best match for Wikimedia Accessibility working group, promote it
  • possibly, create bridges where it makes sense (IRC, Matrix, Telegram…)