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SimpleSearch: Enter key cannot trigger 'Go' button directly now
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wgVectorPreferences={"editwarning": {"enable": 1}, "simplesearch": {"enable": "", "disablesuggest": 0}},

  1. Enter some text in the search box
  2. (be quick. do this before the dropdown box appears) Press Enter
  3. 'Go' is executed
  1. Enter some text in the search box
  2. Wait for the dropdown box to appear
  3. Press Enter
  4. the dropdown box disappears, where nothing is highlighted
  5. Press Enter again
  6. 'Go' is executed now

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Sounds like expected behavior; can you describe what you think should be different?

Expected behaviors:

(1) When the dropdown box is not appearing: Enter == Go
(2) When the dropdown box is appearing but no item is highlighted: Enter == Go
(3) When the "contains..." item is highlighted: Enter == Fulltext search

This is what I want (maybe not the original coder's idea):

(4) When the dropdown box is appearing and a suggested item is highlighted: the item is in the search box, with the part which is not typed by user highlighted, Enter == Go

SimpleSearch issues => Moving to Vector (as per $wgVectorUseSimpleSearch)

The whole mess is actually in core.

I don't really understand the report. Can you test and see if whatever was wrong is still happening? :)