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Add a link: log when user skips all suggestions
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In T266473, we added log entries for when the users submit their work when it contains some accepts and rejects. But we do not currently add a log entry for when the user has skipped all suggestions. We should add that, so we can check how often it happens.

Event Timeline

We are talking about Special:Log, not instrumentation, right? We do instrument skips, so we can check how often they happen, but we don't show them publicly.

When the user skips everything, the "Publish" button is inactive and the save dialog cannot be opened. When would we create a log entry? When the user selects "Skip all" from the skip dialog? As a user, I would be surprised to find that doing that resulted in a public record.

@Tgr -- is there a specific event that gets logged if the user skips all? Like an event for the display of the "skipped all suggestions" dialog? If so, then I think we're fine. I agree with you that we should not publicly log the fact that a user did nothing.

Unless we broke it at some point, it should log a mediawiki.structured_task.article.link_suggestion_interaction event with interface=skipall_dialog, action=impression when the dialog comes up, and then the same with action=confirm_skip_all_suggestions when the user clicks "Skip all".

Okay, then we are good. This task is declined.