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Create "Radar" milestones for #Research and #Machine-Learning-Team project tags
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The Research and ML Platform teams need a way to receive "radar" flags.

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hi folks. I think what @calbon and I need is a Radar milestone in our corresponding team's groups. However, I'm not 100% sure. I'd appreciate your guidance. We want to use the tag to flag to one another if there are tasks that the team should be aware of. I'm not sure if a task can be part of multiple milestones. If it cannot be, then we will need your advice on what we should be asking for. Thank you!

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Hi, a task can be part of two milestones if the parent project of these milestones is not the one same project. See,_Subprojects_and_Milestones for more information.

Did the previous link help? If yes, could someone second that this should be a milestone project (and not e.g. a subproject)? Thanks!

@Aklapper thanks. yes it helped. In this case, the Radar milestone will be part of the same parent projects as the other milestones, so that solution won't work for us. What do you recommend we do to introduce a Radar tag in this case? (I'm using the word "tag" loosely).

I guess I'm still wondering when it is important for you to differentiate whether something is a "usual" team task versus "only" on the team's Radar...
Do I understand correctly that such a Radar task, though "only" on your team's Radar, could/should sometimes end up in a milestone of your team?
If so, would be workboard column be sufficient? That would mean that Radar tagged tasks will still show up in all search queries for tasks for that team though.
(Note that the Research-Backlog workboard has such a column already, so maybe that already solves the part for Research at least? Not sure.)

As I got curious now about teams' diverse workflows, I checked for stuff called "Radar". Current situation:

@Aklapper we can introduce a column for radar in our workboards, np. We do want the task to automatically go to that column if someone use the tag. Is that possible?

All workboards have a default column - in case of that would be "Backlog" currently, and in case of that would be "Staged" currently. It is possible to rename columns if that was wanted via " Manage > Manage Workboard", but there is no way to make Phab realize who might be in your team when they create a task (one column) and who is not in your team when they create a team (another column), if I understand correctly (not sure).

*If* you do not want "Radar tasks" at all to be shown when looking at tasks under Research or Machine-Learning-Team, then such "Radar tasks" should probably be tagged with a completely separate parent project tag.
I don't see how it's possible to make a task filed under e.g. Research to automatically go to the "Radar" (as a column or as a separate tag), this will always require some triage if "Radar" was not the name of the default column (where any task will land on a project workboard once a task gets tagged with that project tag).
If a separate parent tag was the way to go, then tasks in the "Radar" column on the Research-Backlog workboard should probably get re-tagged and the column hidden.

@Aklapper sorry for my delay. I swear I stared at this task for many times and I can't find a good path forward. ;) Your explanations above are helpful. I think the solution I was aiming for will make things too complicated and we shouldn't do it. I'll decline/drop this task.

@calbon I'll get in touch with you outside of this task to see how we can handle the radar interactions.