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mailman3: unsubscription request is held for moderation but there is no way to approve it via postorius
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otrs-permissions-l is set to have unsubscriptions approved by list owner. There were notifications sent about pending unsubscribe requests, but in postorius they don't show up anywhere, so there is no way to approve or decline them.

(It is not the case that any other list owner has already handled them, as the notifications are repeated every day.)

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I have seen it in another mailing list too.

@Ladsgroup Hey :) Is there an existing upstream ticket that we could/should link here? (I couldn't see anything from a quick search & skim of the Postorius & Hyperkitty trackers)
Or any suggestions for the list-admins on how they could work-around the issue? (Perhaps manually unsubscribing the requesters, would stop the auto-reminder notifications?)

Hi, I made a new one:

For now, if manually unsubscribing the user doesn't work (which was the case first time this was reported), let me know and I delete it manually from the database directly.

That was fast, it got merged as duplicate. This fixes it

It needs backporting. I can edit the files for now until Kunal does the packaging. Let me ask him.

Cherry-picked patch for 1.3.4:

It needs a patch on mailmanclient as well.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-07-03T08:53:06Z] <Amir1> patching postorius and mailmanclient on lists1001 for T283659

It needs a patch on mailmanclient as well.

This didn't work well because the branch was different, picking up a proper cherry-pick:

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-07-03T09:11:59Z] <Amir1> restarting mailman3-web on lists1001 to pick up patches for T283659

Interestingly the 6 pending requests are visible under but the badge icon at shows "0" now. Is this a new bug introduced with the recent change?

I keep the request open again so that you can check.

Yeah I saw that, it's not super great as it's a backport of tiny fix rather than bigger changes but it does fix your issue. Doesn't it?

Well, yes, but it doesn't increase my confidence in this new mailman setup, to be honest. There are a few other issues, all small enough not to report them, but summarized the whole thing isn't really convincing. (Sorry, please don't shoot the messenger.)

My focus is that the new setup doesn't break your workflow, you'll get an email for pending requests and a badge with the wrong number is not breaking your workflow. I understand this software is not perfect but no software is and again mailman2 had much bigger issues (including several security ones).

Much appreciated. Thank you!

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The patches Amir cherry-picked have been merged into the packages and properly deployed.