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Replace Content::getNativeData() calls with TextContent::getText() in JsonConfig
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JsonConfig/includes/JCCache.php:				$result = $result->getNativeData();
JsonConfig/includes/JCCache.php:				$value = $value->getNativeData();
JsonConfig/includes/JCContentHandler.php:			return $content->getNativeData(); // Invalid JSON - can't do anything with it
JsonConfig/includes/JCContent.php:		$rawText = $this->getNativeData();
JsonConfig/includes/JCContent.php:		$text = trim( $this->getNativeData() );
JsonConfig/includes/JCContent.php:		if ( $this->getNativeData() !== $formatted ) {

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Change 770919 had a related patch set uploaded (by Russ Rogovetz; author: Russ Rogovetz):

[mediawiki/extensions/JsonConfig@master] Replace getNativeData to getText for JsonConfig