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Performance: v1.5 KaiOS app consuming high memory
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From the last test for the Jiostore, feedback was that the KaiOS Wikipedia app v1.5.0.0 is consuming high memory. The test showed that it was crossing 85 MB while Browsing/Navigating in the App.

The requirement is that memory consumption should be around 40MB as per store requirements.

Please investigate.

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AMuigai created this task.
SBisson added subscribers: Jpita, SBisson.

@Jpita assigning this to you since you can at least see the memory spike and I can't.

went all the way back to November c756db4 and still have the same values.
60 mb when opening the Obama article gallery …

can’t go any further back since that’s the last commit I can access

@Jpita (or someone with a Jio1?) could you please try with this branch T286725-scrensized-images and see if you notice any reduction in memory usage from your end?

since @SBisson is still taking a look at this, I'll move this to dev

We have done significant optimization around images and loading of external websites. It's not quite enough but we are trying to let partnership take it from here.

Calling it resolved until we decide we have to do more technically.