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Italics should be passed to TOC
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Author: gdonato

Submitting on behalf of those at WP:VPT.

Fairly simple report, italics should be represented on the table of contents in the same way as <sup> etc. in bug 8393. Perhaps other things should also be added e.g. bold? I don't know...

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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gdonato wrote:

v. simple patch

Very simple, adds <i>, <em> to regex. Probably insufficient.


sumanah wrote:

gdonato, I am sorry that it took so very long for you to get a response to your patch. Thank you for your contribution. We are aiming at being much more responsive now and in the future.

Unfortunately, your patch now does not cleanly apply to trunk, since there have been so many changes since December of last year. Would you be interested in updating it?

Also, you may be interested in joining the parser/visual editor mailing list to see what changes are happening in the parser:

Thanks, and again, my regrets.

It wasn't that outdated. The line was there, it was moved 203 lines below.
Fixed in r102179. I only whitelisted <i> since that's what we are generating from ''.
Also added parser test.

Bold enabled as a followup with r105284