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Check Inuka team data streams after migration to the Event Platform
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Analytics Engineering has been working on migrating all the EventLogging data stream to the new Event Platform (T259163). These should be checked after migration to ensure that no problems have been introduced.

The Inuka team streams that need to be checked are:

Event Timeline

nshahquinn-wmf created this task.

@SBisson I've checked and found the following for all three streams:

  • there are no validation errors in the last 30 days
  • the number of events has not abruptly changed at any point during the past 90 days (except for the expected large drop in InukaPageView events in early March due to T265921)

Based on this, I feel confident that the migration is going as expected. Is the rollout of the new code advanced enough that I can stop here, or would you like me to repeat the same checks after some time?

@nshahquinn-wmf the new code is out everywhere except in India. I don't expect it will behave any different there so I think it's OK to stop here.

Sounds good! I'll go ahead and resolve the tasks for the individual migrations.