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Check Language team data streams after migration to the Event Platform
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Analytics Engineering has been working on migrating all the EventLogging data streams to the new Event Platform (T259163). These should be checked after migration to ensure that no problems have been introduced.

The Language team streams that need to be checked are:

  • ContentTranslationAbuseFilter
  • UniversalLanguageSelector(T267352)

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nshahquinn-wmf created this task.
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I just looked at ContentTranslationAbuseFilter and found T283872.

I just looked at UniversalLanguageSelector. Overall, there is a healthy flow of events coming in and everything looks good. When I looked at the error logs, I found T283881, but that only affects about 0.05% of events, so the stream still passes this check.

We decided to decommission ExternalGuidance (T283551), so ContentTranslationAbuseFilter and UniversalLanguageSelector are Language's only schemas being migrated.

This is now blocked on T283872 being fixed; once that happens, I'll recheck it.

I've verified the fix for T283872, so this is all done!