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register user rights only if wgNoticeInfrastructure is true
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The special page [[Special:CentralNotice]] is only available on wikis with $wgNoticeInfrastructure = true. It is possible to register the corrosponding user rights together with the special page? There is no need for unused user rights on wikis without the special page.

The user rights are shown on all wikis, but the special page only on [[meta:]] ($wgNoticeInfrastructure = ($wgDBname == 'metawiki')). Moving the user rights within that if, will fix that. Or it is better to change the setting of wmf and set the user rights to false on non-metawiki?


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What user rights are you referring to? I wasn't aware that there were any special user rights associated with CentralNotice.

The user rights "centralnotice-admin" and "centralnotice-translate" in CentralNotice.php.

revert with r79780.

Why it is possible to add special pages corrosponding to wgNoticeInfrastructure, but not user rights?

Have you set the globals at the begin of the function? $wgSpecialPages is there.

I'll take a look at this again. I'm not sure why it failed, but may have something to do with the loading order. The user right (in this case) needs to be loaded after the config files are read (in order to fix this bug), but perhaps inside the extension functions is too late for it to have effect.

This is still confusing, when the local [[Special:ListGroupRights]] shows the user right 'centralnotice-admin' for sysop, but [[Special:CentralNotice]] does not exists locally.

Would be nice, when someone can have a look. Thanks.

Looks like this was fixed in

Yes, it is fixed now. Thanks for the hint

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