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Create a Project #mediawiki-extensions-WSOAuth
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Hi Project-Admins!

Me (as normal user) and @Xxmarijnw (as maintainer) would like to have a place to store issues and features for the Extension:WSOAuth and... spoiler! this place could be Wikimedia Phabricator!

More info:

This project will be mainly used as a Tag, to use its Workboard and coordinate Tasks and allow the community to monitor progresses and provide feedback etc. you know.

Here further details:

  • Project Name: mediawiki-extensions-WSOAuth
  • Additinal Hashtags:
  • Visible to: Everybody
  • Editable by: Everybody
  • Joinable by: Everybody
  • Description:
MediaWiki extension that allows to have OAuth support for your wiki. For example to connect to Meta-wiki or Facebook.


* #MediaWiki-extensions-Pluggable-Auth



Thank you so much!