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Add monolingual language code ca-valencia
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This is a request per Help:Monolingual_text_languages#Getting_a_language_code_added:

Please add the language code "ca-valencia" to the list of language codes supported for monolingual text values.

*Language code: "ca-valencia" (also IETF tag per Q32641#P305)
*Language name in the language itself : valencià
*Language name in English: Valencian
*Where and when the language was or is used: in use in the Valencian Community, Spain (see Wikipedia)
*Item about the languoid: Q32641
*Usage example: L'Enciclopèdia (at Q97269489#P1476)


Due Date
Thu, Jun 24, 12:00 AM

Event Timeline

Mbch331 added a subscriber: Amire80.

First langcom approval is needed, than a patch can be made

@jhsoby @Amire80 What do you say?

Esc3300 set Due Date to Wed, Jun 16, 12:00 AM.Fri, Jun 11, 5:26 AM

Two weeks for langcom reviewing having past, the patch can be created. I update the tags and add a new "due date".

Esc3300 changed Due Date from Wed, Jun 16, 12:00 AM to Thu, Jun 24, 12:00 AM.Thu, Jun 17, 4:17 AM

Is there a written rule about "two weeks"?

It's was proposed in T284276

Proposed, not approved.

I'd love to see better examples for this request.

here is one: and probably the name for every Spanish institution.