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Integrate LanguageTools suggestion as structured task
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We've discussed this as a team but I don't think there's a task, so here's one.

The proposal is to integrate spelling and grammar checks from into the suggested edits module on Special:Homepage as a structured task.

Conceptually, this would be similar to the Add-Link project, except that there isn't a service we would need to maintain and deploy, as we could use's infrastructure (perhaps/probably with some agreement on API usage with them).

Like Add-Link, we would have a script that iterates over batches of pages and sends them to a LanguageTool API, gets suggestions, stores them in a on-wiki cache and updates the wiki's search index so hasrecommendation:languagetool yields those articles. Then the user clicks through the task on Special:Homepage and can interact with the LanguageTool suggestions.

LanguageTool already provides a browser extension that provides the interactions with a sentence:

image.png (674×1 px, 118 KB)
but I suspect we would want to implement our own VisualEditor widget for handling the interactions, again, very similar to Add-Link.

Some related tasks:

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@kostajh -- thank you for filing this and including that useful list. @MGerlach is going to be doing research in the coming months about this whole space, and so these links might be useful for him. Here's the project page we created about it: