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Add a link: unnecessary articles on units are often suggested
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In bnwiki, widely known units are often suggested, like ফুট (en: Foot (unit)), মিটার (en: Metre), সেলসিয়াস (en: Celsius). These suggestions are being accepted by the users, increasing the unnecessary accepted article number.

These articles are, obviously, followed by numbers.

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@MMiller_WMF @Trizek-WMF I assume you'd agree with this, so moving into current sprint to go along with other updates to the mwaddlink filtering logic. I guess we'd want the wikidata items for units of measurement?

I guess we'd want the wikidata items for units of measurement?

Unit of measurement is only indirectly related to the specific units in the wikidata-tree, for example for Degree-celsius:

For our filtering logic, weremove all link-candidates that are instance_of a given item (such as Unit of temperature )

In order to filter all links related to a unit of measurement, we have to add all items that are a subclass_of Unit of measurement. A sparql- query yields 30 results, perhaps the most relevant entity-types are:

In order to remove link-candidates related to units of measurement, my recommendation would be to add the above entities to the filter.

Thanks, @MGerlach. Yes, @kostajh, I agree with this being in Ready for Development. Thank you!

Change 699395 had a related patch set uploaded (by Kosta Harlan; author: MGerlach):

[research/mwaddlink@main] Update the filter for removing candidate links