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EditorActivation Event Platform Migration
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See: Unless otherwise notified, client IP and consequently geocoded data will no longer be collected for this event data after this migration. Please let us know if this should continue to be captured. See also T262626.

Event Timeline

@Gilles do you need client IP / geocoded data for this schema?

Change 699051 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ottomata; author: Ottomata):

[schemas/event/secondary@master] Add editoractivation schema to analytics/legacy

I honestly have no idea, I've never looked at this data.

@Gilles, you updated T282131: Determine which remaining legacy EventLogging schemas need to be migrated or decommissioned noting that this schema should be migrated. Who uses this data if not you? Should we decom it instead?

The code writing to that schema is still active in MediaWiki. I don't know if anyone is still consuming that data and in what form. It just seemed like measuring active editors is a pretty useful metric to keep. But not knowing who consumes it, if anyone, I don't have an opinion about what IP/geo context needs to be preserved.

Ah I see ok. Hm. We are trying to turn off streams that don't have owners; We do have active editor metrics (|line|2-year|(page_type)~content*non-content|monthly ) coming through different datasets. If you are not the owner, I'll close this ticket and switch the status of this schema back to 'unknown'. We'll try to do another final evaluation of all status unknown schemas after we are done migrating & decom-ing the ones we do know about.

Change 699051 abandoned by Ottomata:

[schemas/event/secondary@master] Add editoractivation schema to analytics/legacy


Won't be migrating