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Fundraising access request for JESSICA JAMES-HILL
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This is a new access request for Jessica James-Hill. Jessica is the new Senior Endowment Development Officer, reporting to Amy Parker. Her start date is June 14. They require the following access: (mark each box with an x)

  • civicrm web access
    • standard access
    • donor services access
  • ssh access - if specific hosts: list here
  • mysql - if specific hosts or databases: list here
  • superset
  • other: please explain

New User Procedure / Checklist

When adding a new user to the fundraising / fr-tech ecosystem, we have a set of places where we need to create accounts and access.


Before we can take any action to add a user, we need to verify that they are authorized to have such access. This requires confirmation from their manager and approval from the C level that access is approved.

[x] user_verification
Requires: user request
[x] access_rights: letter to C level (currently Lisa) verifying grant of access
[x] account name/contact info: verify on

Accounts and Services

[x] client_ssl_cert
Requires: user_verification
[x] cert_setup: generate cert on frpm1001 using ssl_user_admin
[x] account_setup: sms the user the password for the key
[x] follow_on: assist with certificate installation
[x] civicrm
Requires: client_ssl_cert
[x] account_setup: Create user account. This will notify the user via email to update their password.
[x] follow_on: Verify user can log in to
[x] superset
Requires: client_ssl_cert
[x] account_setup: Create user account. Notify the user of their account name and password.
[x] follow_on: Verify user can log in to

Event Timeline

@Dwisehaupt hi Dallas, just bumping this as Jessica is due to take part in Civi training today and it would be useful for her to have access to Civi for this training. Let me know if i can help with anything. Thanks.

@RLewis I can get started but we still need her information on the collab page ( and the approval from @Lgruwell-WMF Once those are taken care of I can issue the certs and the accounts. Let me know if you need me to follow up on the approval from Lisa.

Dwisehaupt removed a subscriber: jrobell.

Fixed up the previous comment since I accidentally mentioned Jessica instead of Lisa.

@Dwisehaupt thank you, Amy and Jessica are on the case with approval and collab details.

Approval received. Pasted below. Should I also forward that email to someone? And who?

Amy Parker <>
4:19 PM (28 minutes ago)
to Lisa, Caitlin, Leticia

Hi Lisa,

May I get your approval to set up Jessica James-Hill with Civi access?

Thank you!

Amy Parker, CFRE
Director of Endowment
Wikimedia Foundation

Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment. Donate.

Lisa Gruwell
4:29 PM (18 minutes ago)
to me, Caitlin, Leticia

Yes, I approve.

Lisa Seitz Gruwell

Chief Advancement Officer

Wikimedia Foundation

@AParker Thanks. No need to send along a copy, the one here is fine. I see collab has been update to, so I'll get this rolling.

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