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Add Cabell's to EZProxy
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Cabell's International (T260334) is ready to test EZProxy access.

It looks like they have a stanza at - they told us to provide access via which is covered there.

Cabell's is resource object 107 on the platform, and access will be provided via the Library Bundle.

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Samwalton9 triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 10 2021, 2:55 PM
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flagged for preproduction

This is deployed to preproduction, and should be accessible from staging once there is a bundle partner with the right starting point url created there.

Testing on Staging. I'm able to load, however at the destination I just see the website header and a spinning loading icon.

After a fair amount of playing around, I found that updating the target link in the platform resolved the issue.

Samwalton9 moved this task from Review to Done on the The-Wikipedia-Library (Kanban) board.

Looking good, thanks!

Nikkimaria added a subscriber: Nikkimaria.

Looks like this needs to be fixed on production - returns "Oops! It looks like you have attempted to view a page that has not been configured for access." currently.

Oh, duh, I guess this was on preprod but never sent to prod.

Unless I do some additional legwork. this and Information Processing Society of Japan Digital Library will deploy together. Is that okay?

Can you take IPSJ off? We haven't actually signed an agreement with them yet.

Can do. I'm disabling it on preprod so I can push the other change through the pipeline.

Marked for deployment to production with IPSJ commented out.

Samwalton9 moved this task from Review to Done on the The-Wikipedia-Library (Kanban) board.

Confirmed that this is now working.