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Batch assignment of articles to editor in Outreach Dashboard
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In Outreach Dashboard there is a possibility to add multiple editors at once, and to add multiple articles at once. But it is impossible (or hard to find) to assign multiple articles to specific user. Now the system requires program facilitator to click "select" for all the articles to be assigned to specific user. This is particularly boring when a facilitator wants to calculate a competition with a lot of participating articles.

Possible solutions (in Editors > (specific editor) > Assignments & Exercises > Assign an article):

  • add the possibility to assign multiple articles at once (to the specified editor)

Possible quick fixes (in Editors > (specific editor) > Assignments & Exercises > Assign an article):

  • add a button like "Assign all available articles" (I have learn to add all articles from one editor, than assign all of the articles to that editor, than repeat for another editor and so on)
  • move the button "select" from right to left (so it is on the same vertical axis for all the articles - to eliminate need to move mouse to it) and enable confirmation of assignment by keyboard, similar to confirmation of removal of available article (it saves moves of mouse, so is much faster and require much less thining)

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This makes sense. I've added an issue on GitHub pointing here.