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[OTRS]: On this day content cut off underneath header when deep linking from widget
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How many times were you able to reproduce it? Every time

Steps to reproduce

  1. Tap a link in the On This Day widget
  2. Try to scroll up all the way to the top

Expected results

Should be able to see all On This Day content

Actual results

Content is stuck underneath the header, you can temporarily see the rest of it by bouncing. Note this doesn't occur when tapping in from the Explore feed card.

Environments observed

App version: 6.8.1 (1815)
OS versions: iOS 14.6
Device model: iPhone 12 mini
Device language: EN

Event Timeline

LGoto triaged this task as Low priority.
LGoto moved this task from Needs Triage to Bug Backlog on the Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog board.

Not getting time to work on this, so throwing this back in the pile.

I'm confident this is a side effect that I introduced with It works well without the added code from there.