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Investigate & Decide on Dev environment [TIMEBOX: 4 hrs]
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Currently the dev environment most are using ( is no longer actively maintained. There is another dev environment that some people started using recently (

Do we want to have the same dev environment? If yes, which one?

Steps involved:

  • Evaluating the new dev environment option
  • Deciding as a group (e.g. by voting) whether we all want to use it

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We should start using mw cli / mwdd for our dev environments instead of
As the repo states, it's no longer maintained.

Here are the docs for mw cli -
Specifically mwdd -

mwdd is feature complete and if we move to it we won't lose any functionality available in

What do you think @Tarrow @Rosalie_WMDE @Jakob_WMDE ?

Yeah, I think I generally agree. I haven't actually tried it yet but if we agree it's the right way to go (and makes sense for us all to be on the same page) then investing a couple of hours into making it work nicely suits me

+1 not sure if we really need to all use the same dev env, but if we do we should go with the new maintained one.

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