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eatchabot using a lot of NFS storage
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/data/project/eatchabot/lr/downloaded_images is at 58G at this time. Since this is a shared storage system that is currently getting full, please see if there's data in there that can be purged. eatchabot is among the top space users at this time.


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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-06-15T00:40:38Z] <bstorm> truncated 4GB uwsgi.log to free space T284968

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root@tools-nfs-2:~# du -sh /srv/tools/project/eatchabot/
67G	/srv/tools/project/eatchabot/

The lr sub-tool that is consuming the disk space has a main process that downloads files listed in and never deletes them. Seems like we should just delete them as abandoned tool cleanup.

bd808@tools-nfs-2:/srv/tools/project/eatchabot/lr/downloaded_images$ du -sh .
58G     .
bd808@tools-nfs-2:/srv/tools/project/eatchabot/lr/downloaded_images$ sudo find . -type f -delete
5.2M    .

Most of the remaining file usage for this tool is in $HOME/www/python/src/image_hash_db.sqlite, a 7.3G database stored on NFS. :/

Just approved the adoption request, @mdaniels5757 is now the maintainer :)