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zoomviewer taking up a lot of NFS space -- please clean up
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Currently /data/project/zoomviewer/public_html/cache is 166G. The Toolforge NFS system is getting full, and we need folks to clean up large directories however possible. Is there any way to reduce disk usage?

iipsrv.log is 5G, which might be quicker to clean up.

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I've already set up a daily cronjob that prunes out all cache file older than 90 days. That's based on mtime. I suppose atime would be the better measure, but /mnt/nfs/labstore-secondary-tools-project is mounted with noatime. Do you want me to reduce the expiration age to 30 days? Alternatively I could come up with a dabade approach to implement atime myself and purge images that are not being accessed for a while.

Those are both good ideas. If 30 days works and doesn't ruin the tool's usefulness, that would definitely help and seems easy. There's a lot of larger tools this round with no single huge user, so I'm trying to see what all of the largest users can do to help.