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auto redirect facility in Tamil Wiktionary
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In Enwiktionary we have auto redirect facility for eg. if i type Demography it redirect to demography where in tawiktionary its not redirecting..

can you please enhance this feature?

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This is by default - On english wiktionary, they want [[Test]] to be different to [[test]]

To be able to have this changed made, needs community agreement to make this change

Note enwiktionary uses javascript so that if the page [[Test]] does not exist, it gets redirected to [[test]]. That is probably what the original poster is referring to.

Yes, (still) needs to be fixed in local MediaWiki:Common.js. Please ask help on en.wiktionary or to one of the global interface editors, if you don't know how to copy the feature: (cc'ing hoo in case he's so kind as to investigate).

Well, this feature is hacked into enwikt in the following way: is modified to use which shows a "did you mean X" dialog within a span. That's the logic behind finding the lower/ uppercase equivalents.
The auto redirect then happens with a script in MediaWiki:Common.js (which I got a shorted/ modified version of: [untested]).

If you want me to implement that on tawikt, just let me know.