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Experimental mock for a "no new data" notification
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This is spawned off from the findings in the spike.

Upon receipt of a push notification, the iOS app will need to fetch the notifications API to determine which content to show.

There is an edge case where the user could receive a push notification yet not have any new notifications to display here. We will be unable to suppress the notification without switching to a highly unreliable silent push method of delivery. This task is to determine what the content of this "empty" notification should be and how it should act when tapped.

There is also a chance that our Notification Service extension, which is called to populate the push notification content and will be fetching from the notifications API to see what is new, could take too long to respond. Maybe the service is down or the user's connection is flaky at this point. We will need to define some fallback content for the notification in this case.

Design needs
  • Designs for a notification with no data from the API and that is neutral enough to be used in cases where no new alert will be shown in the app

Proposed designs


Lock screenLong press
Lock screen notifications_ No new data.png (812×375 px, 377 KB)
Long press_ No new data.png (812×375 px, 245 KB)

Notes for QA

Since this is more of an edge case, I'm not sure how this can be tested. It may be best to just keep this functionality in mind and keep this task in the QA column until development wraps up. If anything seems off about it, we can discuss it further and tweak if necessary.

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@Tsevener Will we know when there is no notification vs. when there is a notification but we can't fetch the content? (eg. in the second scenario is it still possible that there isn't actually a notification?) Thanks!

Good point @cmadeo, it is possible in the second scenario that there isn't actually a notification, but the fetch has failed or is taking too long in some way so we wouldn't know for sure.

@ABorbaWMF one way I can think to test this is this:

  1. Do something that triggers a push notification to your phone. Maybe write to your talk page from another account or thank an edit.
  2. After step 1, immediately log into your account on Desktop Wikipedia and mark your new notification as read. There should be a slight delay here from when you triggered a push in step 1 and when the push actually sends to the device, so this is the window where I'm hoping we can mark anything new as read here via Desktop.
  3. Now when the push is actually received on device, the device will try to fetch any new unread notifications. That should come up empty (because of step 2) and the content will instead default to "New activity on Wikipedia"

Hope this helps, thanks!

Thanks @Tsevener that worked well

Appears to be fixed on 6.9.0 (1874)

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