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Maybe consider consolidating parsoid-* and restbase-* proxy services, respectively
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In, the timeout for parsoid-php was bumped because of T279825#7151307. Another service, parsoid-async, exists, that differs only in that it has a longer timeout.

In the review, it was noted that,

It might also make sense to keep two different backends for differentiating between private and public wikis, but that's for another patch.

So, another option could have been to point VE at parsoid-async, which was the abandoned patch in

Similarly for restbase, the timeout was bumped in, but another service, restbase-for-services, exists and only differs in the timeout. VE could be pointed at that, as in the abandoned patch

This task is a bit of a hodgepodge since I'll be closing out T279825 and wanted to record the info before moving on.

Also, maybe rename parsoid-php to just parsoid now that the JS version is decommissioned; see