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Implement 'Subscribe to the release announcements mailing list.' in the installer
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See also

  • bug 26522
  • comments on r79089

So to reimplement this, I suggest one of the following ideas:

Seperate form in new window

  • a bordered box next to the Email field (a seperate <form target="_blank">[1]), that is enhanced via javascript.
  • This form has a "Subscribe to the release announcements mailing list" <legend>
  • a label with "Email"
  • and a "Subscribe" submit button.
    • When pressed submit to a new window. User sees the result and knows that a confirmation link send by lists.wikimedia will be waiting in the Inbox.

Within PHP when pressing next

  • We use the value of the normal Email-field
  • A checkbox that will decide whether or not to subscribe.
  • When Continue is pressed on the Name-page, a POST-request is done to the mailingslist page. The result of it is ignored.

[1] With target="_blank" it submits to a new window. With javascript we may be able to do it nicer via AJAX. And POST it and use the return to show a message. However this may be impossible due to cross-domain restrictions. Nonetheless target="_blank" works fine.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: enhancement



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I went with option 2 in r79678.

They still get an e-mail and temporary password.