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Backport ATS 8.1.2 security fixes to our in-house ATS 8.0.8
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Per ATS 8.1 ships the following security fixes:

CVE-2021-27577 Incorrect handling of url fragment leads to cache poisoning
CVE-2021-32565 HTTP Request Smuggling, content length with invalid charters
CVE-2021-32566 Specific sequence of HTTP/2 frames can cause ATS to crash
CVE-2021-32567 Reading HTTP/2 frames too many times
CVE-2021-35474 Dynamic stack buffer overflow in cachekey plugin

Sadly we don't have a clear upgrade path from our current ATS 8.0.8 to ATS 8.1.2 as the last time we tried an ATS 8.1 build we observed serious performance drawbacks on ATS backend


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WMF Technology Dept

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All cp servers are now running ATS 8.0.8-1wm4:

===== NODE GROUP =====                                                                                                                                                            
(76) cp[2027-2042].codfw.wmnet,cp[1075-1090].eqiad.wmnet,cp[5001-5016].eqsin.wmnet,cp[3050-3065].esams.wmnet,cp[4021-4032].ulsfo.wmnet                                            
----- OUTPUT of 'apt-cache policy...r|grep Installed' -----                                                                                                                       
  Installed: 8.0.8-1wm4
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