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Launch MVP for new logged in experience
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This is a container task for the subset of logged-in redesign tasks which we will deploy in one go as our MVP. Further tasks will expand on the functionality until we meet the functionality present in the mockups.

To deploy these changes we need to replace the old My Library view with the redesigned one and send eligible users straight to it.

Acceptance criteria

  • After login, if the user is library-eligible, they should be sent straight to My Library.
  • After login, if the user is not eligible to access the library, they should be sent to the old homepage, so they can see the access criteria and understand why they're not eligible.
  • My Library should be the new UI, not the old one.
  • The old My Library UI has been deleted.
  • On partner pages, the 'Back to partners' button should say 'Back to My Library' for logged-in users, and navigate them to My Library. For Anonymous users, it should remain pointed at /partners.

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