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Implement UI for favouriting system
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Once we have the back-end for the favouriting system (T284014) we can implement the user-facing elements. This will involve adding a new tab to the logged-in interface alongside My Collections and Available Collections, as well as the star system for adding and removing favourites.

The favouriting system should be visible on all collection tiles in the My Collections and Favourites sections. It should not be visible on tiles in Available Collections.


Acceptance criteria

  • Favouriting stars are visible in the corner of the logo for all collections in Favourites and My Collections
  • Stars should be filled yellow if the user has favourited the collection, and white (not transparent) if not.
  • Stars should fill yellow when clicked, to demonstrate successful favouriting
  • Unfilled stars should have hover text: "Add this collection to favorites"
  • The number of favourites items in the tabs should automatically update when a new item is favourited
  • Users should be sent to My Collections after login if they have no favourites. If a user has any favourited collections, they should go to Favourites instead.

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