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Organize Vue.js Developer Summit
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As a member of the Design Systems team, I need to plan, outline, implement and track tasks around a developer summit so that we can have a forum for converging on decisions around Vue migration.

Summit Specs

August 10 - 12, 2-5 UTC each day

Pre-Summit tasks

  • Identify the most critical WMDE and WMF participants and share list with Leza - @egardner , @Volker_E , @Catrope
  • work with the team to figure out the blocker items we have to resolve for the summit - Eric
  • Gather pre-meeting feedback with major stakeholder, make adjustments and get alignment so that we can use the summit time to review in detail and get official consensus
  • In Progress: develop Agenda
    • Days 1 and 2 : collect feedback and listen; facilitation is listening based;
    • Day 3 : review proposals, ask questions, and make a decision
  • Announcement Email ETA July 14
  • Post google meet link
  • Add all attendees as optional to calendar invites as they sign up; DS team members are required, mostly
  • Attach finalized agenda doc to invites once Anne pings me
  • Email everyone who's signed up for the summit with pre-reading and ask them to do the pre-reading and comment on those tasks with any thoughts; Email a reminder to people who haven’t signed up yet to RSVP @Catrope @AnneT @egardner due date August 2nd
  • Add WMDE and external colleagues to event slack channel
  • Following up after the Designer Workshop, check to see if anything in the summit agenda has now changed
Working with the facilitator

Summit Session specs

  • Select facilitators for Day 1 sessions
  • Indicate session breaks
  • Figure out note taking/ recording process

Post-Summit tasks

[] Reserve a week for WMDE to provide feedback on the collected resolutions before making them official.
[] Consider how to let everyone at the Foundation know of the outcomes of the summit, and maybe even write a blog post about the process, what we learned, and how we’ll move forward.
[] Consider post summit survey or another method of capturing feedback

Artifacts and Events related to the summit

Event Timeline

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