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Release new binary of blubber
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Most recent binary of blubber at is 0.8.0+ba236df (from 2019 according to timestamp). This is a version that does not support python2.7 due to to selecting pip21 which is python3 only. The pip version selection feature is implemented in gerrit, see

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We stopped building and publishing new binary releases of the blubber CLI a while back after migrating to blubberoid (its microservice counterpart)... and I see now that the docs on Getting Blubber are not helpful in that they're out of date, still suggesting that people use the binaries. Ok, the first thing I need to do here is update that article.

For your use case, would it make sense for you to use instead? See Blubber as a microservice in that same article.

thcipriani subscribed.

Declined since we as a team will not be making new blubber releases; however, we're still interested to learn about your use-case @kalle